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    Mata Padmawati college is the first nursing college in Nahan Distt Sirmour.The college is situated 4kms away from nahan town, is situated in God’s gifted natual and peaceful environment.
    The college of nursing occupies own prime land with beautifully constructed building on sweeping lawns towards the Shimla Road,Nahan. The college is provided with modern facilities and excellent infrastructure, needed for the sound education and practice in the nursing profession. The theory classes in Pre-clinical subjects and non-nursing subjects are handled by well qualified faculty as well as Doctors. The clinical experiences are offered at 250 bedded Dr. Y.S Parmar Medical College And Hospital Nahan, 568 hundred bedded Dr.Rajender Prasad Govt.Medical College & hospital,Tanda (Kangra) ,50 bedded Regional Hospital Dadahu & 50 bedded community Health Center, Sarahan.


    To provide the best nursing education that continues with quality improvement, current technology, cost effectiveness and improve student performance in learning and rendering comprehensive, compassionate holistic patient care.


    To establish as a centre of excellence for nursing education at the international level through quality approach, Professional Development and research.


    Mata Padmawati College of Nursing believes that:

    • Professional nursing stands for top quality training in nursing care and to meet the challenges of ever changing and fast developing health care system, sophisticated technology and ever increasing social demands.
      Professional nursing is a lifelong service to the people to obtain the optimum level of health.
    • Scope of nursing practice encompasses provision of preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspect of care to the people across their life span in any health care setting.
    • Nursing education is based on process which transforms the student to a productive and thoughtful citizen who will deliver the best nursing care in all spectrums of life.
    • Undergraduate nursing programmer is to inculcate ethical values compassion, understanding, critical thinking, decision making and positive attitude which will help to practice quality based professional nursing in every setting.


    • To prepare nursing students with latest scientific knowledge and skill essential to provide comprehensive health care.
    • To provide nursing care based on the steps of nursing process in collaboration with the individuals, groups and other health team members.
    • To assess health status and identify nursing needs, plan, implement and evaluate nursing care for individuals, families and communities and provide promotive, preventive, and restorative health services in line with national health programmes.
    • To develop knowledge and understanding of the scientific principles underlying the techniques and methods used in nursing for providing holistic nursing care to the sick in the hospital and in the community.
      To develop the student’s sensitivity and skill in human relationships and communication in daily work.
    • To demonstrate critical thinking skills in making decisions in all situations in order to provide quality health care.
    • To demonstrate leadership and administrative skills in working with the health care team, community and others in the provision of health care.



    As per  INC Norms College is having six laboratories to demonstrate and practice the procedures:-

    (1)Nursing foundation lab – This lab consist of modern equipments & dummies for the demonstration of nursing procedure based on the requirement of the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.
    (2)Community Health Nursing lab –This lab is equipped with artificial rural & urban setting in which the student will learn about Indian rural & urban community & their problems.

    (3)Maternity & Child Health Nursing lab – This lab help the student to demonstrate about normal & abnormal labour/ delivery & Child
    (4)Care. Nutrition lab – This lab is well furnished & equipped with cooking facilities where the students learn preparation of various therapeutic & normal diet.

    (5)Audio Visual Aid lab – This lab is equipped with high tech educational media to support the teaching learning activities of the nursing students.

    (6)Computer lab – This lab consists of latest computer with broad band facility that will help the students to get the latest information regarding diseases, treatment & their nursing care.


    College has provided modern teaching, learning facilities abreast with modern teaching, learning technologies which are needed for the sound education & practice in the nursing profession. Well equipped classrooms to provide world class education to the students with all advanced audio-visual aids & supportive learning environment


    To support the academic requirements of the faculty & students, the college has a well stocked library with the latest addition of Nursing & General Books. It has also regular subscription of National & international Journals & Magazines. The library is continuously in the process to acquire text books & reference books, to keep its reader abreast with the latest information.
    The library of the institute aims to facilitate academic & research activities of the faculty & students by providing timely information & resource through cost effective means.

    Clinical Facilities

    College is attached with 250 bedded Dr. Y.S Parmar Medical College and Hospital Nahan, 568 hundred bedded Dr.Rajender Prasad Govt.Medical College & hospital,Tanda (Kangra) ,50 bedded Regional Hospital Dadahu & 50 bedded community Health Center, Sarahan.


    Hostel is the home for all the students who are living away from their homes.Our nursing students are housed in a secure separate girls hostel. This makes the hostel an indispensable part of college infrastructure. The hostel is situated in the college premises. It is well furnished with modern amenities, Hygienic Mess, 24X7 water Supply & electricity.

    Rules & regulations

    • Ragging of any type is strictly prohibited. Any student/students involved in such activities will be immediately suspended from the Institute for a specific period or expelled from the institution
    • Students are responsible for up keeping their rooms.
    • Complaints regarding the hostel should be given to the warden or hostel faculty advisor/hostel incharge.
    • Fans & Lights should be turned off before leaving the rooms.
    • No electrical appliances are permitted in the rooms, apart from lights and fans
    • Light should be put off at 11.00 pm students are expected to retire at this time.
    • Visitors timings:-are allowed every 2nd & 4th Sunday from 10.00am to 4.00pm
      Visitors are not allowed in students rooms. All visits must take place in the Visitor’s room only.
    • Only the visitors authorized by the parents at the time of admission will be permitted to meet the students.
    • The mobile phones are not permitted in the hostel expect 6.30pm -8.30pm. All students must submit their mobile phones to the warden.
    • Suspended hours of study will be observed every day form 6a.m to 7.00 a.m and 8.30p.m-11.00 p.m. except on Saturday.
    • Permission to leave will be granted to students by the principal on receipt of a written request routed through the class teacher and giving at least 3 days’ notice. In cash where emergency leave in needed, the principal or warden should be approached.
    • Whenever the students are leaving the hostel on vacations or on leave. They should get the gate pass from the hostel to the warden.
    • The outing timings are allowed first and third Sunday from 12.30pm to 4.30pm.Every students must be reported to the warden on time.
    • Consuming alcohol, taking drugs, smoking, chewing Gutkhas, spitting on the wall & corridors are strictly prohibited in the hostels.
    • The hostilities should not cause any disturbance to the neighboring people.
    • Cooking is not permitted in the rooms.
    • Each resident will be held responsible for the care of hostel property such as room furniture provided for their use.
    • Residents are advised to keep any valuable or cash under lock and key, and to lock their room when it is not in use for which the hostel in charge or college authority will not be responsible.
    • The college authorities reserve the right to enter and search residents’ rooms without notice but in their presence.
    • Students will have to strictly adhere to the rules & regulations of the hostel.


    Mata Padmawati college of nursing owns luxurious transport buses that pick and drop faculty members / students from different places.


    College has the facility of a spacious and clean canteen that caters to the taste of all students. The College has a Canteen inside the campus in which variety of dishes are available at reasonable rates. The canteen remains open on all working days. Beverages of different flavors are served on different days according to different seasons

    Other Facilities

    Health Services

    Medical care is provided to all the students in case of illness at Father Muller Medical College Hospital as per the students health scheme.
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